"Where Salvation Makes You A Member"

Inspirational Poetry

Soul Food

I love the taste of T-bone steak,
Delicious every bite,
But there's nothing like the Word of God,
For my spiritual appetite.

The Word of God has milk and meat,
And even ice cream and cake.
Take a slice of the Bread of Life,
And coffee to keep us awake.

Open your Bible and turn to Psalms,
For David's famous buffet.
You can drink all the wine of the word you want,
And still feel fine the next day.

There's enough of the Word for everyone,
And no one has to cheat.
The Word of God is a smorgasbord,
So take all you are able to eat.

Let's have a little longsuffering,
Job gives the recipe.
Patience is the main ingredient,
Self denial is the fee.

Wrap that up in temperance,
It may not make much sense,
Cover that with contentment,
Then add some joy for strength.

Let's have love for dessert,
Jesus made this dish,
Cream of joy and peace together,
Sift out all selfishness.

Add some deeds of righteousness,
Enough to make it sweet.
Humility is the frosting,
That makes the dish complete.

Or are you on a diet,
Cause the race seems hard to run.
For a weight losing menu,
try Hebrews 12 and 1.

Are you suffering from malnutrition,
And don't know what to do?
Your spiritual growth seems hindered,
Try 1 Peter 2 and 2.

If when every time you battle,
the enemy always wins,
Try some Holy Ghost Protein,
And spiritual vitamins.

God's Word can feed millions,
And still have plenty left.
Because the Word of God is Soul Food,
Sent from the World's Greatest CHEF

Submitted by Sis Cherree (Author Unknown)

The Love of God

I thank the Lord who sets the sun in place

He hung the moon and put the stars in space.

I thank Him for His mercy and His saving grace

I love him truly though I've never seen His face.

He called on me when I was deep in sin

He picked me up and took me in.

He cleaned me up and took me under His wing

Who else but Him could've done such a thing?

I'd drank and I'd gambled and wore my clothes tight

And went to church faithfully though I wasn't living right.

I'd partied and clubbed and done everything else

I sought after the world and all of its wealth. 

I'd lied and I'd cursed and had pride in my heart

But the God of all grace gave me a new start.

And though all my friends may remember who I was

I'm a brand new creature because of His love.

The old me is dead, never more to be seen

Glory to God! All hail King of Kings! 

Sister Cherree



I Have Decided


My tears are following

My life is changing

My world thank God you’re rearranging

My way of doing can no longer be

Help me Dear Lord to die out to thee


My mind is made up

My thoughts are now clear

So please Dear Lord find refuge here

Dwell within me, remove all spots

So that I Dear Father, may be set apart


Set apart for your use

My salvation is not enough, to prove my appreciation

For the things you’ve brought me from


Consecrated, sanctified is the road I now seek

 For I long to be absolutely, positively devoted to thee


Holiness and Godliness is the narrow way

And I shall strive to make it each and everyday


For I die daily and it is no easy task

But the wonderful thing about it, I DO NOT miss my past.


For you’ve made it all the more pleasant since you’ve freed me from those things and You’ve given me the courage to fight the enemy


For this life I must say is beautiful and perfect in everyway,

And all I have to do is let the Lord have his way

And in return I shall receive his grace and wonderful mercy, a faithfulness that empowers, an edifying spirituality, a kindness beyond measure, a love beyond compare, and a peace you’ll never find, as long as your out there


My Goodness, Thank You Jesus, Glory and Victory ever found in this thing you’ll be denied if you don’t decide like I have to become Holy and Sanctified



                     By: Sis. Lillian McCranie 

                                               July 10, 2008                                   

"Let Go and Let God!"

As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,

 I took my broken dreams to God because He was my friend.

  But, instead of leaving Him in faith to work alone,

 I hung around and tried to help with ways that were my own.

  "Alas!" I cried, and snatched them back, 

 "How can you be so slow?!"

  "My child," He cried "you never did let go!!!"

Submitted by Sis Cherree, Author unknown


My Heart


My Heart Belongs To You

I’ve made a commitment

My heart belongs to you I need no witness

I decided on you when I was just a little girl

But things within my mind caused me to focus more on the world

My heart belongs to you

And that’s my guarantee

No wavering painful times will make me turn from thee

I gave my heart to you when I wasn’t even strong in my faith

But truly within my spirit I continued to seek your face

You decided on me long before I had chosen you

And I give my heart completely to the one who helps me through

You are my refuge from the things that truly have me bound

And though I wander if you love me I know it’s true love I’ve found

And completely within this heart of mine I am desperately seeking you

 To love me, love me

   Change me, change me

    Make me more like you

I release myself from myself, I want nothing left of me

Just please dear Lord leave me with this love I have for thee

I trust you with this heart of mine, I am in love with you

So take it, keep it for yourself 

For it belongs to You.


Written By:  Sis. Lillian K. McCranie

February  2008


A Reflection of Life


A simple life I’m living, fully seeking you

A simple heart I’m giving, strongly loving you


A convicted soul I’m purging as I listen to your word

While I’m fasting for direction with a mind only to serve


Dying of things of the flesh while I’m yearning to be more like you

Receiving the wisdom you bring me, Steadfast in living for you


Wondering about life everlasting as I’m walking the pathway ahead

Seeking my true purpose as I daily read your word


Wishing I was so much further, from the place I am right now,

but I’m growing ever so quickly, I have no desire to slow down


I’ve put down that load I’ve carried for I know it kept me from you

And I’ve tried to do things my way, but I have learned to listen to you


What a difference you’ve made within me,

I’m no longer running scared

For the love you give, it fills me, no other love can compare


Now if I only knew back then, how truly important I was to you,

I would have given my life right over, and did whatever you asked me to


But I am no longer struggling

with this pathway that you have chosen for me

Or focused on the things I know have truly hindered me 


Now I have dear father, heard some things that were truly hurtful

 you see,

there are those who don’t believe I am ready, for this life you’ve given me


But please Dear Lord know that I am faithful, strong, and true,

And my heart is rapidly beating with this love I feel for you


But those things, they do not matter now,

for I am happy when it is just you and me

There are no words to describe you Father, you are perfect

and that truly fascinates me


And I want nothing more than to please you Jesus,

and to let my true feelings show

For I have had a reflection of life and I want you forevermore.





                                                              Written By: Sis. Lillian Freeman

                                                                            March, 2008